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    March 18, 2013
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students, teachers, friends of seton hill university gathered to say good-bye to two victims of a tragic bus crash. christine any quigley was the head coach of the lacrosse team and also six months pregnant. her child did not survive. the bus driver was also killed. the 23 player and coaches were heading to a game when the bus veered off the road on the pennsylvania turnpike. the accident is now under investigation. trial on the death of michael jackson is about to start april 2. dr. murray says he will not testify in the wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter aeg live. he aims to plead the fifth amendment according to a statement from the jackson family. murray was found guilty of causing jackson's death, that was back in 2009. he's now serving a four year prison sentence.
jackson died week before his tour was about to begin. jackson's mother is asking for billions of dollars. her attorneys say the money is what jackson would have made during the rest of his life time. that's it for me. brooke baldwin is next. he shot and killed 20 first graders in a school shooting that rattled america. and now there's word that adam lanza had bigger and deadlier plans in newtown. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. being white in philadelphia. the city's mayor livid over an article about race. why he says the author went too far. plus a chilling discovery inside a dorm room.
new details about the body and explosives at a major university. and a soccer player banned for life for this. my hot topics panel weighs in. thank you so much for being with me. we begin with another health crew side by new york's mayor michael bloomberg. this time the mayor wants stores to hide cigarettes, keep them behind a curtain or counter. this of course coming after he loses the legal battle to ban the large sugary drinks. and here she was, sarah palin, taking a swipe at bloomberg, drinking out of that bill big gulp during her speech at cpac. mary snow is live for me in new york. we laugh, but what does the new initiative require? >> this requires stores to keep
tobacco products sealed, behind cabinets, behind a curtain, under a counter. and mayor bloomberg announcing this saying this would be the first of its kind in the nation. and you mentioned the large ban on sugary drinks that was defeated last week when a judge dismissed it, unlike that, this will would require legislation and the mayor is proposing to introduce the legislation on which is. the ban on large sugary drinks was voted on the board of health. this would require legislation. >> this would require hiding it. what about advertises? how would it impact ads? >> is this won't affect advertising. one of the things that are
exempt are stores that tell tobacco products like cigar store, they would be exempt. and those stores don't allow people under 18. the primary purpose is to obviously reduce smoking rates, but particularly among young people. >> mayor bloomberg will be the first guest on jake tapper's new show, the l.e.e.d.. don't miss it, jake tapper at 4:00. meantime a chilling discovery inside a room of a serial killer. talking about adam lanza and what police found. a huge spread heat. so if you were to print this, it would go seven feet in length. four feet wide.
a meticulous tally of the killings by some 5 oof t00 of tt nor tore yus mass murders. these were the killers adam lanza tried to outdo when he walked in to sandy hook elementary school that mornibac december gunning down 26. one author said police believe the work of a video gamer, it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. they believe he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance where i could rack up the greatest number of kills. new york daily news also reports that investigators believe this spreadsheet would have taken him years to compile. this wasn't just someone who snapped. this was a person who spent a very, very long time plotting and planning his murder spree. next hour, we'll talk to what
you enforcement analyst and clinical psychologist about the new details. and also inside the mind of this killer. stay tuned for that. to a frightening story here unfolding at the university of central florida in orlando. the campus was locked down for a time today after a shocking chain of events. it all started with reports of a fire. then a man with a gun. followed by the discovery of a body and then the unthinkable. >> call came into the police about a fire alarm in tower one. on the way to respond to that, a 911 call came in about an armed man in the tower. police responded to the dorm room, they found a victim of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we've interviewed people who had knowledge of the situation. and during those interviews in searching the dorm room, we found an assault weapon and we found what appear to be improvised explosive devices. >> ieds. improvised bombs.
kelly cook from central florida news 13 is at the scene. kelly. >> reporter: we know the dorm, tower one, has been closed indefinitely. this is still an active investigation. we have learned at this hour that the ieds found inside a dorm room has been removed and the about him squad is investigating. we're still dealing with an active scene. you can seatcan see the fbi, sh office and campus police are still investigating. this entire incident began around midnight with a 911 call regarding a man with a gun. they found a student dead with an apparent self-inflicted gun wound and what they found inside was enough to make sure students got out of the building immediately. inside the dorm, there was a handgun, an assault weapon, an ied found inside a bag in his room. but school officials keeping quiet about the student that committed suicide or what they have learned about why or how he
had such dangerous weapons on campus here. now, the university of central florida, the entire campus, the main campus, was shut down. it reopened at noon. we're expecting to get more information later on this afternoon. reporting here in orange county, kelly cook. back to you. and now to some of the hottest stories in a flash. roll it. wobbly day for stocks. blame cyprus of all places. a proposed eu bailout for cyprus includes a tax on bank customer's savings accounts. an idea that sends shivers through the investment community. right now the dow down just a bit, down 20 points here on this monday. we promise to keep an eye on that for you. lbgt americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldier, our friend, our loved ones. and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship.
that includes marriage. >> hillary clinton today endorsing gay marriage. the former secretary of state appearing in this video by the human rights campaign just weeks after leaving the administration. clinton says she wishes every parent the joy of watching their kids get married. the nom nominee for the labor department once worked as a garbage collector. he paid his way through college by working odd jobs including sanitation. today he thanked the president in english and spanish. he will replace hilda solis. it is official, tiger woods and lindsey vonn love birds. the golfer confirming the two are an item. she mentioned it on per twitter account, as well. here are a couple pics of the happy couple. he of course asking for privacy. vonn recovering from a recent
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huge court battle for mayor bloomberg and the new york police department begins today. nope, not talking cigarettes and not talking about the big gulp. talking about the racist tactic of police stopping and questioning and sometimes even frisking anyone they deem suspicious. it's called stop and frisk. take a look at this. there have been about 5 million stops in the last decade. and more than half, 52%, are black. 32% hishispanic. 11% white. critics say the practice is unconstitutional, they say police are racially profiling minority, citing the population breakdown. blacks and hispanics are each only about a quarter of the population while half are white. place say they forbid racial profiling, but they stand by this, a successful means of deterring crime. want to talk about what's really
at stake here. drew fib lfinley joins me. today is day one in federal court. it's a practical ramification, symbolic ramification. what's at stake? >> in 1968, we call these terry stops, they said if there's reasonable suspicion that somebody is committing a crime, you can stop them if it's reasonable and are tick could youable that they're armed and dangerous, you can frisk them. the suit is saying you've basically kidnapped the supreme court decision new york city and you are boot strapping to say if somebody's black or hispanic and we don't like the neighborhood you're in, nep that's arctic could youable suspicion, we'll pat you down, there is a disproportionate number of african-american wills and hispanic measures you're doing it too and we'll shut you down by getting a district court judge in addition to other things get a third new that wuty to monitor your practices.
>> what would that third new that wi tral party be? >> similar to the jail lawsuits. they would monitor the way the policy is being implemented to see if it's targeting minorities. >> you hear from bloomberg vehemently defending this, nypd, when you look at the crimes and murders, they say it's in the numbers that show this is effective. is that a solid defense? >> people are going to look at about three years ago when plaxico burress was prosecuted and new york waved its fwlag of our no issuance policy ned, there's not a place stricter with gun rights. at the time mayor bloomberg and his other colleagues were saying we have the toughest laws in the country. look at the crime and how it's gone down. and some of the people are saying on the side of stopping this practice, hey, which one is it here. or is it other factories that have nothing to do with stopping people. what they're also saying is you're replacing one crime with
another crime. because for go to somebody that's innocent of a crime, a high school student on his way to school, and frisk them and search them, it has a terrible impact in and of itself is a kind of crime. >> this not only would have ram if i indications for new york city, but other cities. i know a number of other cities are considering it, as well.cit. i know a number of other cities are considering it, as well. would this ruling have ramifications throughout? >> it will. and the reason is the only time the courts look at the degree that police go too far is when there's a prosecution for a crime. in other words, john doe is charged with a crime and he's searched and his lawyers say it was illegal and it's reviewed by the courts. here the courts will look at cases where nobody is prosecuted, people are completely innocent. so the first time that's happened and it's clearly going to be looked at by other courts around the country. >> to see how they rule in new york. drew finley, thank you. coming up next, scary and
out of touch. that's how republicans are describing themselves. and what the party is calling today an autopsy. find out which voters they're now going after and what they regret. education is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. [next stop financial center]
>> the republican party widely viewed as being stuffy, out of touch, especially scary, a bunch old men? and this is what the party is saying about itself today. i'm not making this up. these are the words i just read right out of the gop self described autopsy. that's right, they're calling this an autopsy. remember, campaign 2012, they lost the presidential election, lost seats in the house, blew an opportunity to seize control of the senate. here is the party's chairman, rins pl reince priebus. >> i think wanted the report to be real, they wanted it to be honest, if it had to be raw and maybe few pieces of china needed to be broken. but i think this is what our party needed. >> so let's stick straight into
this. his specialty is republican ad campaigns. alex, welcome. good grief, stuffy, out of touch, scary, do you think the party itself, that they'll buy this analysis, are they going to turn on the messenger, mr. priebus? >> i don't think so. i think truth hurts. and rieince priebus, said we looked straight in the mirror and this is what we saw. this is what america saw last election. the good news is we can't fall off the floor. this is about as low as we can get. and the party is trying to figure out how to move forward. what we saw today was not the grand old party of the gop, we saw the growth and opportunity party, a party trying to apply its principles to a new world. the party's job is not really to come up with new policy. that's for candidates, campaign, people on the hill. but the party is a machine.
we forgot we're supposed to be the party of opportunity for all americans, the party that's supposed to be in every community, that's supposed to lift people up everywhere. let's remember that and get to work. >> so let's talk about one step in doing that, i know one of the concrete a fixes in the report is for the gop to drop its opposition to immigration reform. and this may be the reason why. when you look back and presidential elections, latino support for republicans has dropped in the span of eight years from 44%, that's what george bush received, to just 27% for mitt romney. alex, why do you think that's happened, can the party reverse it? >> i think we lost our way. we for got i think that this country at some point everybody goes back and their family came here from somewhere. most americans. and we forgot that the new blood re-energizes this country.
and i think part of that was the contribution that, well, we didn't have secure borders and at a time when the economy is cratering, all of a sudden it became a very dark process, we're eating our own tail. more jobs for immigrants may have meant less jobs for someone else. and the way you lead yourself out of that is, no, no, everyone has something to con tribute. let's get an immigration process that brings people who want to come here, who want to become americans, who want to contribute to this country not take from this country. and that's always been the republican message. fortunately, they allowed a few republican media consultants to stay. i'm happy about that. but our problems are bigger than just hispanics or women or young voters. our problems are that as a party, you're supposed to lead people over the horizon to a better place. and we for got that. we thought our principles were just good for saying no, to be the brake pedal on the car, not to get our hands on the steering
wheel. but you're seeing that change. these past couple of weeks, you saw change in the cast of characters in the republican party. it wasn't john mccain who was dominating the stage. brand new cast of republicans saying, no, no, follow us, we'll lead you in a different direction to the future. that's healthy for the party. >> all right, alex castellanos, we'll be looking where you go next off the floor as you hope. >> our chairman a bold and gusty thing today. >> thank you, sir. coming up -- ten years after the start of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq, we return to the scene of some of the war's fiercest fighting. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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after nearly nine year, the u.s. war in iraq is officially over. >> hard to believe it's been a decade now since the start of the war in iraq. as a network, we devoted more time to that story than any other in the past ten years. in the middle of it all, arwa dam damon. you've heard her reporting. we'll talk to her in just a moment after we relive one of her memories after the war in iraq. >> reporter: it was november 2005. i was embedded with u.s. marines on operation steel curtain. it was similar to countless others. troops going house to house, civilians filing out, pettrrifi. a man named mohammed was among them and he told me -- >> >> translator: we want them to save us from the terroristses. we want stability.
>> reporter: a simple wish perhaps, but al qaeda killed anyone who spoke out against them. no civilian i had ever met had dared do so so openly. i was in awe of mohammed's courage. the battle was intense. fighters worked in al wlley way hidden in behind doors. the ground shook in the u.s. bombardment. but it wasn't only al qaeda they hit. in one strike, one entire family was killed. people had buried the dead in a garden. a curfew prevented them from going to the graveyard. when we arrived, they were digging up and moving the bodies. all but one were women and children. and there was mohammed, still searching for victims. the dead were his relatives.
as the body of an 11-year-old was recovered, mohammed said -- >> translator: look at him, look at him, you would swear he was sleeping. >> with us now from baghdad, arwa damon. i read your incredible but gripping piece first thing this morning. you write about how baghdad was your home for seven years. the man we just saw in that piece, mohammed, he seemed to be on america's side. lost 17 family members in the u.s. bombing. you have now returned to visit mohammed. i'm just wondering what are his thoughts now, are they emblematic of other iraqis? it's ten years later now. >> reporter: he's really someone who stuck with me. because he displayed such courage at that point in time and then paid really such a devastating price. and i've always wanted to ask him why it was that he took on the risk to say to the americans we want you to save us. and we went back and it's
completely changed. p we found him, he was so friendly, he was so warm. it was absolutely humbling. and when we asked him that question, he said, look, back then, we had nothing left to lose. but he also said he didn't expect that they would pay such a high price once the u.s. military went into sabol, launched the operation to win it back from al qaeda. he said the u.s. wasn't differentiating between friend and foe and now he completely regrets the invasion even happened. when you speak generally about the last ten year, their emotions about what happened are still so fresh, so raw. and so con fliblting. because, yes, of course many people were are oppressed under saddam hussein. he was a very brutal dictator. but on the one hand, they treated one kind of fear for another. and many iraqis look at their lives today and they say, okay, the violence has gone down from when it was at its worst 2005 to
2008, but it's still out there. and that very basic thing that we're all looking for to live a dignified life will, iraqis still don't have that. >> you wrote about mohammed, i've thought of him often, even felt connected to him in a strange way. at the same time, i felt as if i had no right to that connection. these were his relatives killed before his eyes. thank you so much. coming up next, my hot topics panel. we're talking about an elementary school principal under fire for appearing in a movie as a gangster. plus have you seen this about the great soccer player banned for life from international play after he did this nazi salute. said he didn't know what he was doing. and being white in philadelphia. the city's mayor livid over this cover article. did the author go too far? my panelists are revealed next. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
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hot topics time. we'll open up the conversation on the stories you'll be buzzing about at dinner. the head of new york city schools is a little more than disturbed by will 2009 movie called gang girl. you see, one of the characters a gang leader by the name of queen v curses, beats, rapes, murders. this is what her character does according to an article in the new york "post". but it's not what she does, but who she is played by that has officials outraged. you see this actress is a real life elementary school principal in the bronx. here is what a spokesman from new york city's public schools told cnn about what the school's lead are makes of this film role. quote, chancellor wallcot is aghast at the images and koent
of the film which are totally inappropriate. the school also acknowledged that chalmers is under investigation for something not related to the movie. cnn has not been able to reach her for comment, but we will hear a lot from our panel today. peter shankman, craig crawford, and lonnie love. so welcome to all of you today. and peter, let me begin with you. again, the character, gang member, kills people, curses, sexual violence, should she lose her job aspirin? >> i think the bigger question isn't that she was a character in a movie. she has a failing school. i went to a public school where every single one of our timer, we all had teachers that were in every kind of movie known to man, but we were also an a-plus school. >> should that even matter? let's say it's a great school.
>> if it was a great school, if it's her off time, she could get away with it. maybe in her off time she would be better spent bringing her up from an f to a d or c as a school i general. >> lonnie, do you agree? >> i completely yes with this one. because there's two things i don't want my principal to be. actually three. a stripper, a porn star, a b-list actress and a prop comic. that's in our thifour things. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this.n our f. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this. our fo. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this.our fou. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this.ur four. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this.r four . become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this. four t. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this.four th. become a drama teacher that f. that's what you want for the ymca, but don't do this. she needs to work on the school first. >> i'm remind the of i've done this long enough to remember talking to teachers who have been at schools who have been strippers, who have been in more than movies, been caught swinging. and they're kicked out of that school. but this is fiction. you're saying it's the same thing? >> this is the thing.
because you're dealing with children, i can understand if she was in like fortune 500 company or something, but because she's dealing with children, i think it's something different. and kids are so impressionable and they get on the computer and they find this horrible movie, i'm mad because it's more a horrible movie. so the kids may be scarred for life with seeing this movie. >> craig, let me read a parent two defended the principal. sh says she's a great principal. ronald reagan waved a gun in western movies and he became president of the united states. >> ronald reagan acted with a m monkey and then became a mon president. it's not like she joined the gang. it is just a movie. and why not what ti don't know l can do because they gave her a waiver to be in this movie. soo i don't s so i don't see how they can do
much other than complain. and what really should be investigated is what's going on at the school. >> that's the priority. >> i've talked about this before about teachers being strippers and porn stars. i want to say yet again i never had a teacher who was a stripper and porn star and i feel cheated. >> i'm so sorry. >> how do you really know. >> i'm not even touching that. i want to get to the other story. this nazi salute. look at this? this is how one soccer player in greece decided to celebrate his game winning goal over the weekend. his excuse and what the league is doing about this after the break. she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues
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they say ignorance is bliss. but if you believe this story here, ignorance has led to the misery for one greek soccer player. take a look he did. said he didn't even know this was an offensive gesture, raising his arm after scorings winning goal for his team aek athens over the weekend. the 20-year-old said he was not aware this was a nazi salute. thousands of greek jews were killed in the holocaust and now officials from the football federation have banned him for life from representing greece in international play. on wednesday, the player will meet with the nation's league to see if he should even be kept from playing within greece. he's apologized for the gesture. let me bring all you back in. craig, i'll let you have the
first bite of this one. let's just take him at his word for now. should he be banned for life, is in a too harsh, not harsh enough? >> i think he ought to be banned for bad body art, but not necessarily what he did here. if he didn't know, i don't know how he doesn't know. i guess they don't have history channel if greece where you see hitler all day every day. but not knowing what that meant is strange to me saying he was point to go someone in the crowd. i think you usually point with your finger. but still, it gets back to i was taught absolutism on freedom of speech in law school and i stick to that. i think if it happened here, i'd say as long as you're not inciting anyone to violence, he has every right to do this. >> has every right to do this. ms. love, what do you think? >> you know i don't like this. i mean, i don't like this and i agree with you, craig, that they should make him watch a month of
history channel hitler week. do that and he will never ever do that salute again. he's an international player. he knows what he's doing. international, he is well versed in what is right and what is wrong. if he wanted to do it, step up to be a man and say i wanted to salute. >> from the public relations aspect of it, it never pays to make nazi reference. it always backfires. just stupid. >> but it got all of us kind of thinking, how does one not know. it's absolutely ignorant not to know about the barbarity that was adolf hitler, but it got us talking this morning. the guy is 20. i mean, does he maybe not know the history, peter? is that a possibility? >> first of all, i find that incredibly lodgele cal that he doesn illogical that he doesn't know the history. >> you're not buying it.
>> i'm not buying it. in europe of all places, anti-semitism is on the rise. we're seeing hatred toward jews grow, crimes against jews grow. so this is not something that he's just unaware of or something that happened 10,000 years ago. this is still a very active part in some cultures in europe. so you can't tell me for a second he didn't know what he was doing. >> the fascist party this greece has 18 seats in the parliament. and this is a country with a very correct hdirect history wi holocaust. >> let me end on the player's quote to get his side. i would like to confesses that i'm totally unacceptable and i feel terrible for those i upset. unfortunately, i cannot take the clock back, but i want to clarify that i'm not the a fascist or a knee neo nazi or racist. coming up next, this is an article definitely caught our attention.
caught the attention of a lot of people. it is titled being white in philly. it is causing quite a stir among readers, including the mayor. did the author go too far? [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough.
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the cover of philadelphia magazine, big huge print here, being white in philly. huge backlash against this cover
story. the main issue most people have with this piece is that it is a middle class white guy talking exclusively to middle class white people about race. the writer ends the whole article by saying, quote, we need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in philadelphia, white people talking to other whites, and black people talking to black, but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race. he goes on -- meanwhile when i drive through north philly to visit my son at temple university, i continue to feel sad and a desire to escape. am i allowed to say even that? this writer as we mentioned facing serious backlash. philly mayor michael nutter considering asking a city panel to formally rebuke the magazine. we'll get to all of that in a moment. panel, i want to bring you back in. peter shankman, it's free speech, but are we limited to
what we can talk about some. >> i think the article presented very good points. thesher said if the mayor opens up a dialogue, we've done what we wanted to do. my question is what if the situation were flipped? didn't cnn do black in america? is in a a problem, is that the problem people are having with the conversation is this i don't know. i haven't read the article. but what there what i can tell, the publisher was saying if it opens a dialogue, that's fine. as far as a rebuke go, you're right, we do live in a country of free speech. >> i think part of the criticism, yes, we did it multiple black in america, we talked to diversities, minorities. the criticism here is he's a white by talking to a bufshnch white people. lonnie, he said it was like shouting fire in a movie theater, called it disgusting questioning the magazine's right
to even publish the article in the first place. here we are in philadelphia seat of liberty, is he taking it too far? >> well, he's doing his job as a mayor. he's defending his city. if you want to see being white in philly, just look at rocky movie. that's all you have to do. instead of all of this talk about race, why don't we do articles that can affect everybody? being broke in philly. being uneducated in philly. that's what i want to see. >> this is something he write, everyone might have a race story, but few whites risk the third rail danger of speaking publicly about race. given the long troubled history, race is only talked about in a sanitized forum when talked about at all with actual thoughts and feelings vary which only ups the ante. do you think he's right about that, craig? >> well, my rob wiproblem with article and if i were editor, i wouldn't have run it as it was. it needed to expanded to include the other dialogues to make it
some of a bridge than just anonymously talking to a bunch of white racist people. when i read the letter that the mayor wrote for the human rights commission, i was with him all along, the shoddy journalism, until the last paragraph which i wish he had lost when he talks about wanting a rebuke of the magazine, an official action. >> so you disagree with that. >> he was suggesting that somehow that was an exception to the first amendment rights for this publication. there i don't like that. at all. but i think this magazine needs to get back to what most city magazines do, just doing best brunt speechers. >> if we were going to rebuke every magazine and newspaper that had shoddy journalism, there wouldn't be enough rebukes to go out. >> isn't that the point of an article, such as this one, and other documentaries, et cetera, is that you write from a perspective and you want it to be talked about. i'm sure he has irked many, many
people including the only african-american at this particular news pain, an event planner for the magazine, they penned a scathing op-ed against her own colleague. what is the take away, that we'll always offend someone whenever we bring up the topic of race, is the issue that we should be talking about this across the country? >> the dialogue should be open more. there should be a better dialogue. this was not the way to deal with it, but from a magazine standpoint, i bet they have their highest pick up rates in years. >> what i'm concerned about going forward as demographics change and why people are a minority, there will be more of this provocation of playing to that sense of fear and distrust. we saw it in the campaign, take back america. that is growing. and that is something to be conscious of and careful about. >> lonnie love. >> that's why we have to be careful of this type of dialogue
and these type of publications. i say give us one more rocky movie, that will make all the middle class white people happy. >> thanks to all of you and for making us giggle along the way. very serious topics, but thanks nonetheless. coming up next, a little tour of our cnn center here in the mother ship. why some because there is something very big going on here starting today. s if at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. if you want to save yourself time and avoid a hassle, go to angie's list. at angie's list, you'll find the right person to do the job you need. and you'll find the right person quickly and easily. i'm busy, busy, busy, busy. thank goodness for angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. oh, angie? i have her on speed dial.
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. this is the cnn world headquarters, but this looks a little different. it take a look behind me, this is the big bracket. welcome to march madness. as unc-chapel hill grad, an awesome time of year. they're an eight seed. i don't want to talk about it. i do want to talk to ernie johnson. so this is my friend, tnt, tbs, turni turner sports. nice to see you. sdl gre . >> great to see you, too. >> why is this an awesome time of year? >> because it captures the imagination of everybody in the country. not just sports fans. the die hard college hoop fans can't wait to get their brackets and fill it ut. but a lot of folks don't know
one team from another but i like that mascot name and i know everybody else in the office -- >> i really like their uniforms. >> exactly. and so i think that's what gets so many fringe fans to the tv set. and suddenly people who had no idea where gonzaga was become fans. to me, and not to sound too syrup py, but it brings people together. >> and who are you looking at, who are you liking?y, but it br together. >> and who are you looking at, who are you liking? please don't say duke. >> knowing where you come frrks high buddy kenny smith says that school in durham. >> that's right. >> he doesn't even say the name. it's very difficult. because college basketball has been upside down this year. if you're number one, you stay there for a couple of weeks and you get beat. so i kind of like louisville. i haven't filled mine out yet. >> i haven't set. >> so don't hold me to that. but louisville's defense is
great. rick pitino is an outstanding coach and they went to the final four last year. i think that experience helps. miami is very cool. they have barry larkins' kid. baseball hall of famer and flesh man point guard down there. so so many talented teams and nobody has really set themselves this far above to say we're the team to beat. anybody out there can get beat. >> always love the good cinderella story. final question. where can they watch the games? >> i just happen to have the answer. you can watch every game on cbs, tbs, tnt or trutv. of course on trutv, they may be preempting the word's most painful dental procedures to bring you basketball. >> i like it. >> but those are the four places every game can be seen. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> i appreciate it. and please all of us anchor, we will be filling out the
different brackets. let's see how you do versus myself. maybe wolf blitzer. fill it out, go to getting news on behind zi lohan. i don't know if we have a lot of pictures, but here she is in court. apparently by the way late to court because she took a private plane to get there. so she accepts the terms of a plea agreement that includes 90 days in a locked rehab facility in lieu of 90 days in jail, 30 days of community labor and a period of psychotherapy. this is what the judge just announced. he shot and killed 20 first graders in a school shooting that rattled america. and now there is word that adam lanza had bigger and deadlier plans in newtown. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. one lawyer calls it the trial of the century. at the heart of it, race. you'll hear who is putting the
nypd on trial. plus a chilling discovery inside a dorm room. new details about the body and explosives at a major university. and one hour from now, jake tapper premieres his show, but before he does, i've got a little surprise for him. live on my show. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. three months now after the killings in newtown, connecticut, an explosive report out today from the new york "daily news". all kinds of details of a morbid find inside the room of adam lanza. this huge spreadsheet printed out by police, some seven feet long. four feet wide. laid out like a score sheet. what it was was this meticulous tally of the killings by some of
the 5 oof the world's most know tore kruss mass murderers. tease were the killers police say wlplan wlan sa wlan lanza outdo do. an officer says police believe this was the work of a video gamer. it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. they believe he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance where he could rack up the greatest number of kills. it is also worth mentioning here that this unnamed source was reportedly speaking on information revealed at a police conference, connecticut state police, they are not, let me say that again, not comment on details here saying the conference was designed for law enforcement professionals only. want to talk about this.
mike brooks is here. welcome, sir. and in los angeles, david with an son, lie seblsed clinical psychologist. so welcome to both of you. david, i'd like to begin with you because really ever since the shooting, i was there in newtown and just quickly everyone started talking about lanza's mental state. is he sociopathic, does he have a form of autism. when you hear about the spreadsheet, huge, huge list, what does that tell you about him? >> it's clearly very disturbing and it gives you a glimpse into a sociopathic killer like this, somebody obsessed, somebody disturbed, angry, rageful and looking to act it out. and on top of all of of this, you also get this narcicisstic feel that he wanted his name to be known and known forever. it's clearly a sad and evil act. and we all want to make sense of this because we'd like to think that we don't have to go through this again. but the fact is this, until somebody acts, there is really no way to know who is going to
do it and when. and that's scary for all of us. >> and when we throw around the word sociopath, define it for me. >> sociopathic person really has a blatant disregard for the feelings or regard of other people. they tend to start young with fire starting or hurting animals. and there is a level of excitement based on that reaction. and this is what we're referring to. somebody who really can't get in touch, doesn't have a sense of empathy for the people that they're wounding. >> mike, let me quote part of this article saying, police believe he learned the principles of the tactical reload from his game, talking about video games, reload before you're completely out. keep going. classic police training. or something you learn playing kill games. so he apparently played so many video games, i guess i'm not a gamer, but so in a game, you would rather take yourself out because if you don't, someone else gets your points is how it works in the gaming community. >> right. >> so that might have been something he was --
>> well, this was almost like a training video for him. because what he was doing, he was what we call tactical reload. before he would enter a new classroom, he would drop that magazine even if he had half of a magazine left, reload with another magazine before entering that room. >> which is what he did in a game? >> which is what you do in a game tact particularly. almost like police training he received through the video games. but you think about it, you go into the classrooms with these little kids, there is no threat. but in his mind, he was perceiving a threat. >> and that's why he did this because it was a soft target to him. but you read this and it's so chilling. in this list, it was the names, the number of people killed. the weapons that the killers used. even down to the make and model. and it sounded like he knew a lot good guns, but they also believe that his mother was almost feeding into his obsession by making these purchases of these weapons for him. and did she not ever see the 7
by 4 list of names? >> that is my question, david, to you and we'll never know. he killed her on that morning in december. but it begs the question, when you have a child, a young man, making these maeticulous lists, how does the mom not know? >> well, it seems for me that this was a 340mother who was of living her own life. he was not a kid that would have been identified in the school system and she certainly wasn't equipped now deal with a kid like this. it was often said this was a kid with asperger, autism. kids with asperger's and autism don't do this kind of a thing. i will bet you nine out of ten that this was a kid locked up in a room just like your analyst is saying playing video games all day. although there is no clear connection with video games and violent acting out, certainly
there a desensitivization. and saw it with 9/11. the hijackers used video games to simulate a flight like this. so i think there was training going on through the video games. but again will this was a guy who is very, very disturbed and this was probably a mother who was in denial and let these video games baby-sit her child. >> david, mike, thanks to you both. for the first time in her very long political career, hillary clinton has come out in support of same-sex marriage. the former u.s. secretary of state, u.s. senator, had previously backed civil unions and partner benefits for same sex cup t sex couples. she said it's about equality. >> like so many others, my personal views have been shaped over time by people i have known and loved.
by my experience representing our nation on the world stage. my devotion to law and human rights and the guiding principles of my faith. >> hillary clinton joins her husband and dozens of republicans and democrats who are now support of same-sex marriage. the legal director for the human rights campaign who release dad's video with hillary clinton, brian, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> how did we come to all of thus? this is this. >> we recently heard from the secretary now that he's out of public life at least for the moment anxious to put her voice out there in support of marriage, seeing everything that's going on in state legislatures and the issues coming out before the supreme court. and bringing that experience she had as secretary of state and a real advocate on lbgt rights to bear here at home. >> so i'm clear, she reached out
to you to do this? >> that's right. my organization has a long standing relationship with the clintons, our president, chad griffin began working for them when he was 19. and you saw president clinton come out for marriage equality through our campaign for marriage in new york state a few years ago. so she came to us building on that long standing relationship. >> i know we were talking about bill clinton recently wanting the supreme court to overterm o dd doma and was that a cat take list for hillary clinton? >> i think we can probably guess pretty well that people's family influences were there on this issue. hillary clinton said it herself in the clip you played. and certainly president obama was moved as he said by his daughters and his wife.
so i would imagine that the former president and chelsea had an influence on where the secretary ended up, as well. >> brian, last question. just you and me and a couple people watching. are there any more big named announcements in the works for you? >> well, we've seen seen a lot of really exciting developments on the issue of marriage. >> folks like -- >> you know, you never know who the next person will be. but i'm sure we'll be hearing from more people in the coming days and weeks. >> i tried. brian, thank you so much. appreciate it. new york mayor michael bloomberg is proposing yet another health initiative. this one would require stores to keep tobacco products hidden in cabinets behind curtains, under the counter. this idea comes one week after the judge struck down bloomberg's ban on sugary drink containers bigger than 16 ounces.
mi mayor bloomberg will be jake tapp tapper's guest at 4:00. let's just say you have been charged with murder. you try to wrap your head around that one. can't imagine. but do you think once you found that out that you'd be doing this? do you think you'd be trying to do a head stand in the police interrogation room? by the way, this is jodi arias. by now we all know jodi arias. we have said it over and over. she shot and stabbed her ex-boyfriend, stabbed him more than two dozen times in self against s defense she says. she has concluded 18 days on the witness stand and this is video, the head stand video the jury will not be seeing that. we just got it ourselves. i'm joined by ryan smith. you've been all over the trial. the hand stand video, we have
our own private thoughts, why won't the jury see it? >> because it's prejudicial. the prejudicial value whether outweigh the probative value. basically what it would tell the jury. and you can see this as what does it really tell you about whether she's guilty or not, whether she killed him in self-defense or not. so that's why it won't get in. but it is so strange. the officers and you canned to her, she's minutes away from getting arrested, minutes away and she's doing head stands. >> and sinking. >> and singing to herself. so you have to say to yourself what's this all about.gking. >> and singing to herself. so you have to say to yourself what's this all >> and singing to herself. so you have to say to yourself what's this all about. they didn't claim insanity here, so this is just her being frankly strange. for no apparent reason. >> that's the segue to her mental state. we have a tape that i want to share with you. we can see her chuckling to herself will, chiding herself for not wearing makeup and again this is the day she's hauled in and charged with murder. this is a very different jodi arias than the one we have even
as i mentioned the 18 days on the witness stand who seems remarkably composed. today her attorneys called a forensics psychologist to the witness stand. why do that? >> to explain a couple of things. first of all, the memory loss. because his idea is that she essentially suffered a kind of amnesia that something extreme happened like ptsd. she remembers it as it happened, but it was so extreme that she gets amnesia and that certain people under the condition that is she was under then can come out of that amnesia after a certain period of time basically everything that she said in her story. and not only that, some of her activities afterwards are consistent with what his analysis is, essentially that she suffered ptsd. her mind has blocked or let me change that, kind of like she didn't make those mem overef me. afterwards certain things come back but not fully. you're looking at me like it's a little far out there. so the question is, but you put yourself in the jury's seat,
what will they believe. and then he'll get cross-examined on the basis of well who told you about all of this, where did you get all this information from. and it comes there jodi arias. because he saw her 12 times over three years. so you still have to believe jodi arias to believe his story. >> do we have any idea when a verdict may happen? >> i'd say weeks. because you have to have him, the domestic violence expert on the stand and then the prosecution gets to offer its rebuttal case where they'll try to rebut everything the defense offered. >> ryan smith, hln evening express. thank you, sir. two fake tourist, one hij k hijacked helicopter and two escaped prisoners. a jail break, witnesses calling it the james bond style escape. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked.
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our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. rapid fire. roll it. not just one, two inmates who escaped prison in canada aboard a commandeered helicopter back in custody expected in court today. police say two men posing as tourists rented a helicopter, pulled a gun on the pilot,
forced him to fly over the detention center so they have the rope, lower the rope, pull two inmates on board. once the chopper landed, they got out by car, but within hour, police had captured all four men. and about 20 fire departmen departments and the national guard battling mountain side wildfires eastern tennessee. already it has destroyed at least 30 cabins and charred more than 200 acres. more than 150 people have been forced to evacuate and this fire here, this is on the edge of the great smoky mountains near pigeon forge. >> and in george, a 9-year-old and 10-year-old running when a neighbor yelled for someone to call 911, her baby had stopped breathing. so rocky and ethan quickly told her how to give cpr to an infant and it worked. >> he said it so confidently that i just listened to him. i mean, right away.
>> he like screamed and i told that's a good sign because the baby is breathing. >> rocky and ethan say they learned how to do cpr from of all places reading signs posted in their school lunchroom. and bloomberg and police department trial begins today. all about makiing changes to th stop and frisk policy where police can stop and question anyone they deem suspicious on a city street. there have been about 5 million stops in the last decade. more than half, 52%, to be precise, of the people frisked were black, 32% were hispanic. critics argue the practice is unconstitutional. the police are say hracially profiling minorities. but police say it's forbidden and a great way to reduce crime. verdict is in, but the investigation is into the over. a judge convicted two teenagers in steubenville, ohio of raping a 16-year-old girl.
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court ruled. he found these two high school football players from steubenville, ohio delinquent, that's the juvenile version of the word guildity, for violating this teenaged girl. now, the victim's mother had this to say to the guilty 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond who both broke down after hearing the verdict against them. we are not identifying this mother in order to keep the victim's name private. >> it did not matter what school you went to, what city you lived in or what sports you've played. human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach or a participants. it is a god given gift instilled in all of us. you displayed not only a lack of this compassion, about and you lack of any moral code. your decidings affected countless lives including those most dear to you. you were your object accuser through the social media that you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, grow and move on. i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent
for your, as and pray hard for his forgiveness. >> and this is not over. the ohio attorney general says is he convening a grand jury to further investigate the case. this time focusing on what happened after the players violated this victim. >> did anyone have information that they should have reported to the police? in ohio it's a crime to fail to report a felony if you know that has occurred. that will be certainly one of the things we'll be looking at. we still have 16 people who refused to testify or refused to talk to us in that investigation. >> drew finley is back with me. and i want to pick up where he talks about failure to report a crime, failure to report a felony. so in this case a lot of young people around, a lot of people with their iphones snapping photos of this girl. if i'm a 15-year-old, i took a photo, i delete the photo, could i be charged with a crime?
>> i don't think that is really what he's looking to. i think that any parent out in, that child has a text message sent to them with a nude picture will say, oh, my gosh, delete that. i think what he's focusing on is obstruction of justice. remember there were adults, parent, even an administrator from the school, a school principal, referenced. there were football coaches referenced. they're going to use the demand jury as grand jury as an investigative body to see who was responsible for obstructing the investigation. i think they're looking for adults. >> made about looking at the past trial that's been so talked about. do you think the outcome of this case could have been very different had the jury -- had the people in the court in order had this photo? >> well, i think what was very different about this case is the fact that there was no jury. it was just a judge. >> i just realized that. >> and i think what we always have to remember is is that a
judge is guided in juvenile about what's in the best interests of the child. and you so appropriately said not guilty, delinquent, it's all different. if the judge is even hesitating a little bit, he'll say i think it's in the best interests of these two children to be rehabilitated, therefore i'm going to find them delink yequeo they get the treatment they need. >> and i and i read about how they could end up having to register as sex offenders after they come of age. >> that's right. in order to comply with the adam walsh act, what ohio has done is they've come up with three tiers of how to deal with registration. the adam walsh act is a federally mandated to bring all the states together to have somewhat of a systemic way of dealing with registration. ohio had some problems until last year in how they dealt with it. they've broken it up into three tiers, a third tier, the most severe, is rape. and it says that if you're going to go in a locked down facility which at the are, you go back t
and it seems like it will be a life sometime registration and at 25 years they can can go back to the judge and ask for that to be released. >> drew, thank you. print, point, shoot. company making gun parts on a 3d printer gets a federal license to sell firearms. guess what's next? they want to allow to you print gun parts from your own home. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat.
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developer wants to tear down the wall. hasselhoff is looking for freedom, made him a big star in germany. ♪ hasselhoff also sang that song at the brandenburg gate back in 1989. tiger woods and lindsey vonn, love birds. the golfer confirming the two are in fact an item. she also mentioned it on her twitter account. pictures of the haech couple. of course he's asking for privacy. vonn recovering from a recent skiing accident. primarily 3d printers are used to manufacture parts for cars and designs. >> and you think our killer printed a gun? >> guns made on a three dimensional printer might actually be closer to reality than you think. the federal government has given a 3d gun maker a license to make and sell firearms. zain asher is on this for us this new york. how does this work is this can
the group just start making and selling the guns right away? >> yeah, technically they can. but they're actually not going to. they'll wait for an additional license that will allow them to print and sell a broader range of guns and accessories. they're called defense distributed, a nonprofit organization, their mission is to make guns more accessible. initially they'll sell them, but then they plan on giving away the design plans for free. their hope is that anyone with a 3d printer will be able to make a gun without a permit. technically by the way it is legal to manufacture your oin gun without a permit or a background check as long as you have no plans to sell to anyone else. but let's talk about price. 3d printed guns will be at least no now much more expensive than weapons made the conventional way. currently the company is selling a 3 dflt printed 30 pound magazine for $50. that's double what it would cost in a retail store. >> okay.
saizain asher, thank you. teenagers are not getting all their vaccinations that protect them from meningitis, diptheria and hpv. that's from a survey published today in the journal pediatrics. the biggest reason parents gave, the shots aren't necessary. but in ht case of the hpv shots, add fear. almost 44% of parents say they won't let their kids get the shots even as more doctors recommend them as safe and as effective. march madness, bracket busters. bubbles bursting. it's tourney time. do you know about this team? they lost their season opener by 42 points. they're tied for the most losses ever for a tournament team. but they're dancing all because of an amazing run. that's coming up. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did.
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the tine any island nation of cyprus is making a big splash in the global economy today as european regulators try to dip into people's bank accounts and take cash out.the global econom european regulators try to dip into people's bank accounts and take cash out. this is your money. where is cyprus? it's a small island on the eastern mediterranean. it's europe. lebanon, syria, turkey are its closest neighbors. cyprus is part of the 17 nation european unions. got strong ties to both turkey and greece. its economy and banking sector are struggling. three eurozone nations have already received bailouts from the eu, ireland, portugal and greece. spain is colored differently because it's getting help with its banking sector. the fourth bailout country would be right here, that would be cyprus. now let's talk about what the issue is in cyprus. a proposed deal over the weekend would have taken 9.9% of all
deposits for bank accounts that have more than 100,000 euros in ha their accounts. 6.75% with all accounts for less than 100,000 euros. the euro group president explains why. >> translator: the reason why this package including this levy has been chosen has to do with the specific characteristics of the problems and the banking sector in cyprus, which is as you know more than five times the size of gdp if you would include the greek branches more than seven times. >> so the banking sector is much big than the entire economy. in sx shank fexchange, cyprus w the bailout that it needs. that caused the residents to rush to the atm this weekend, but many machines had a 400 euro limit on withdrawals. others wouldn't let account holders take any money out. banks were closed monday for a holiday. they won't open until at least
thursday. cnn's jim bolden is in cyprus in the capital city. jim, what's the latest on this deal that people have been so upset about? >> reporter: well, what the people here are hoping for is that somehow the eurozone will blink, somehow they'll change that levy to bring down the interest rate. the rate of the money that will be drained out their bank accounts. it hasn't especially been agreed to here. parliament will vote on tuesday. it's that window that's worrying people because they thought the banks were going to open tomorrow morning, but it wasn't going to be agreeded to until tomorrow night. that's why they'll close the banks tomorrow. so we won't be seeing people on the streets lining up at banks that we felt we might. they just won't be able to do that. many atms running out of cash already. and the reason this is different from the other bailouts is because there is so much russian money here. this is a huge place for russian investors. a lot of people taking their money out of russia, they've come to cyprus. so that's why the banking sector
is so good. the goal is to shrink the banking sector to be more realistic to the size of the population. only 800,000 people. but so interesting because this has spooked people again about the eurozone because the bailout isn't that big. 17 billion euros or so. much smaller than greece. but they want people on the ground to pay for it. >> very different approach. jim bolden in cyprus. and he mentioned the powerful russians voicing their displeasure. putin calls it unfair, unprofessional and dangerous. medvedev said it looks like confiscation. jim talked about russia. what does russia have to do with cyprus? the lax foreign investment laws and 10% flat tax make it and attractive place for wellity people and corporations to park their money. moodys estimates that about $19 billion in russian cash is in banks in cyprus. the central bank of cyprus says
residents account for 63% of all the money in eye plus bacyprus . but a whopping 30% belongs to residents in the rest of the world, including a lot of them from russia. now, as part of the bailout deal, cyprus has agreed to an international antimony laundering audit. not seeing any market reaction here in the united states so far. nor do we expect any direct economic implications here in the united states. from the cnn money newsroom in new york, i'm ali velshi.
anncr: and many of the tornado's victims are... without homes tonight. girl: first, i saw it on cable. then i read about it online. i found out how to help. i downloaded the info. i spoke up... and told my friends... and they told their friends... and together, we made a difference. anncr: and tornado relief has been pouring in from... across the country. girl: we might be hundreds of miles apart... but because we're connected, it's like we're all neighbors.
uh, charles couldn't make it. his single miles card blacked him out here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas...
hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circus tent. is that the best you got? now if you put this, with this, you have a sailboat. what's in your wallet? we have a little madness march. you can be sure we'll be following the nca at attorney the action. larger plan life bracket smack dab in the eight tree you will. >> of course the four number one seeds, louisville, kansas, na
indiana, gonzaga. there is one team that no one thought would be dancing this march. it more we're talking to john sally and rachel nichols. i love it time of year. i went to carolina, a big college basketball fan. who was the biggest surprise to make the tournament this year? >> so if you went to carolina, you know nothing like the pain of liberty university. which was a surprise to be in this tournament, not just to all of us, but to liberty's coach, to all of their players. pretty much everyone who went to the school after they lost their first eight games. they lost their first game by 42 points. this is not what we call a tournament team. this team had a major player injured, two players quit, their assistant coach was arrested. but it's in virginia, it's actually the school that preacher
thknows something about faith. they had a lot of faith, they turned their team around, and as their coach tells us after they won the big south tournament and gout the and you hutomatic bid, doesn't have to encourage them, they just believe. >> i don't know how far they will get. john, you're wearing my carolina blue, although i know you're a georgia tech boy. they didn't make the field this year. i love the cinderella stories. do you have any predictions as far as who could be that team that could really make it pretty far? >> i don't know about anybody you haven't heard before. gonzaga, the fact that they're in the top four now, before they used to always be the team that crashed into the dance. now they're like a big name in the dance. i just really after watching last year, watching louisville, i'm telling you, i looked up pitino when i was down there and i'll see him again when coy
there with prime sports. and i'm telling you, louisville is the team that will win. before everybody gets to it, i know my brackets kick in, i'm calling louisville. >> in terms of the excitement, whether you're a one seed, the cinderella story, the part of the march madness that i love is that you have a freebie at work. each and every march, there is always that study that says employees are less productive because some people watch basketball games and not work as hard. >> we get to watch television for a living, but there are people who don't do that who will be doing that professionally over the next couple week. i don't want to burst john's bubble, but the ncaa selection committee did make louisville the number one overall seed. so i'm not sure they're a secret. but there is no doubt that they are a fun team to watch. john is exactly right. they have a great shot to win it all. and it's a little spun for
louisville fans. because their cross state rival, kentucky, the team that won last year, they're not even in this year. they were going on the one and did not philosophy, had some great stars who went on to the nba and the new group couldn't become a cohesive ufnit, so not only is louisville the number one overall speed, they'll be playing in kentucky's arena in lexington. which was bumped down to the nit, they are have to leave their home arena to make room for their rival. >> we'll see how they do. definitely not a secret. i was talking to rachel about this last week, the heat streak, they have tied the second longest record in nba history 22 wins. going to 23 tonight against the celtics. a team which boston was the one that actually ended the 22 game winning streak five years ago today. do you want to make a call on
that tonight? >> i'm telling you if garnett doesn't play, i'm going with these geeuys the heat. when i was on chicago, we had a long stay on the lakers. 19 games. it becomes pretty, you know, cumbersome when you sit around and go man, an added pressure that's great for you. >> okay, john salley and rachel nichols, thank you. go hill, even though my boys are eighth seed. whatever. we'll move on. thank you. march madness, i love it. coming up next, jake tapper joins me to preview his new show which debuts in a couple of minutes. what he doesn't know. we'll have a little fun with jake tapper, the new cnn ank, and have surprise questions for him. don't miss this.
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in a matter of minutes, if we're counting, because jake tapper is apparently on the twitter page, there are seven remaining until the debut of jake tapper's new show, but first, he'll talk to me every day with a preview. so, mr. tapper -- >> hi. >> hi. you know, i kind of like this guy with the white beard. he used to follow this show. so tell me, my new friend, what do you have to bring to the table? >> wow, that's harsh. i certainly in no way -- >> no harshness meant.
>> you know, who can compare to wolf blitzer? if you're asking me. all i can say is i'm here and i hope you'll be nice to me and, you know, i didn't -- i didn't know that i -- you know, he's a tough act to follow. >> he is a tough act to follow. i think it's going to work out well for you. you know, you mentioned in your promo you know a little bit of everything, so there has to be something you don't know you would like to delve into and cover on your show. what would that be? >> i don't know a ton. i really -- that's what i was trying to say. i think the promo might have been misunderstood. i don't know a million things. i'm interested in a lot of things. i heard you are a unc fan, i tell you this, and i'm also a tar heels fan. and they're -- my mom went to chapel hill. my grandfather taught at chapel hill. >> wow, you're rocking my world, jake tapper. >> i'm on the program. i bet you didn't pick them to go all the way. >> i'm dragging my feet on the
bracket thing i have to do today. my team is making me not put them at number one, though i am pretty loyal. >> a fight between the heart and head. >> i am a heart gal, i am. since i have you, i would like to play a little word association, something i would -- >> i haven't done that since my last psychiatrist appointment. so i'm very excited. yes. very excited. >> okay, here we go, jake tapper. number one, we'll start easy. congress. >> dysfunction. >> white house spokesman jay carney. >> not answering my questions. >> this is more of like -- >> that's not -- stonewall. >> stonecall. philly cheese cake. >> ironically. a big user of the word ironic. >> such a pet peeve. >> he misuses it more than anyone since alanis morissette. it bothers me. i've told him that. >> maybe that will change. gino's? >> gino's. the bread -- the bread is -- that's what does it. yeah. >> john berman. >> oh, mischievous.
scamp. >> what did you say? >> mischievous or scamp. >> scamp. okay. >> that doesn't work for you? >> i'll ask. we'll see. last one, big gulp. >> permissible. the big gulp is permissible in the new york city soda van, so you know, because it's covered by a different part -- it's covered by the state, not the city. it's funny you should bring that up. >> there you go, a segue. take it away. >> we have an exclusive interview with new york city mayor michael bloomberg. we will talk about both the soda ban and the snag, as well as he did something today to try and -- >> cigarettes. what's going on with that? >> -- trying to ban cigarettes from being visible in retail stores. he's going to try to keep them behind the counter. so we will talk to him. and we also have, of course, lebron james, our own rachel nichols brought lebron. and i have a thing -- an
interview with mr. stephen colbert whose sister is running for congress, and her primary is tomorrow, as i know you know. >> i can't wait. i saw the preview, "the lead" blog, cnn/thelead. i know, jake tapper. i am here for you. we'll see you each and every day at 4:00. let me move on before i toss things to you. you have probably seen people jump off a lot of things, but, you know, how about jumping off something and zipping through something? take a look at this video. how they planned this daredevil stunt next. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.